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Faculty Of Religious Studies Undergraduate Program

ikon About the Program

The Faculty of Islamic Studies aims to make researches, to produce knowledge and to offer solutions to the needs of the individual and the society about religious beliefs and values in order to understand and interpret religious beliefs and values.

In this context, our faculty aims to educate qualified scientists, intellectual educators and religious officials, and to contribute to an accurate understanding of religious beliefs.




ikon2The Difference To Other Faculties Of Religious Studies

Rich Content: In our faculty, Islam and other world religions will be taught in a wider and deeper way through the opportunities offered by elective courses.

Interdisciplinarity: In our faculty, it is aimed to have an understanding of education in relation to and interaction with other sciences and humanities.

Research-Focused Education: Students will be encouraged to participate in scientific research from the undergraduate level. Each student will be able to develop his / her research skills in accordance with his / her special field in the last two years.



More than one Foreign Language: In addition to Arabic and English, our students have the opportunity to learn other world languages ​​such as Persian, Hebrew, Japanese and Chinese.

Individual Counseling: During our undergraduate education, individual counseling will be given to our students for the areas they are interested in.

Double Major Opportunity: In our faculty, students who meet the required conditions are offered the opportunity to take courses from different faculties and departments and to benefit from the "double major" and "minor" programs.


Job opportunities



The primary purpose of the Faculty of Islamic Studies is to educate intellectuals and academicians who are educated in different fields of social sciences. In line with this purpose, necessary guidance will be made for the students to continue their graduate education.

Students who have graduated from the Faculty of Islamic Studies will be able to in the schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education and will be able to work in different levels related to the units they are affiliated with.

In the Presidency of Religious Affairs, they will be able to serve in different areas such as mufti, preacher, Qur'an course trainer or in other professions.

In addition to these, our students can be employed in public institutions and private sectors, which consider their bachelor's degree sufficient.